Where did you learn about it?

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By "Where did I [you] learn about lore?", do you mean 'where I really learned that Runescape lore has depth' and subsequently became interested in it, or 'where I go when I want to know more of/about the lore' ?

I'll answer both:

-I first learned about the depth of Runescape lore by finally giving one of the 'Lores & Histories' a read.

The one I read was Twice Burnt.

I remember I had only clicked on the link because I thought it was the article for the quest release (I did quests for rewards), and had done the same thing a few months prior with 'The Song from Before the War' lore tie-in to 'One Piercing Note'.

There were other things prior to that that had piqued my interest: Daemonheim and the quest One Piercing Note, which I had only not skipped through because it was the first fully voice-acted quest. None of them quite stuck for me, but Daemonheim did become my first 'lore obsession' when I got into it.

-For learning about lore, I'll typically just go on the wiki and look up quest/book transcripts. I might skim an article relevant to what I want to know more about for sources, namely in-game books & relevant quests, so I mostly stay true to what is put directly in game.
Facts > Speculation/Assumption, if you will.

I do discuss/look at things on the Forums, but that's mainly for speculation/theories/debating/obscure or new things.

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