The Queen of Ashes The God of?

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There's a bit of a flaw in the way you're phrasing this question. Our gods aren't exactly "the god of X" they are instead gods that hold certain values close.

Armadyl, for example, is referred to as the god of justice. But this doesn't mean he has any dominion of justice as a concept, nor is he empowered by it. He is, instead, an aviansie that has ascended and holds the concept of justice close to his ideology, much as any other leader has certain values as important to them.

Even Bandos, the big high war god, is referred to as that because he considers war to be the pinnacle of achievement and entertainment. He enjoyed war, he reveled in it, not because he embodied the concept, but because he thought it was good.

So to think of the Queen of Ashes as "the goddess of X" is going to lead you down a false path.

A better wording would be to think "what values does the Queen hold dear?" or "What is her agenda?".

Remember that our gods are ascended mortals, not (in most cases, there are exceptions) being born divine.

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02-Dec-2016 14:05:07

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