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Rondstat said:
I liked it!

While I don't disagree with your points, my overall view on Endgame is undeniably positive, and while there were a lot of weaknesses, I think it also had individual moments that were among the strongest of anything we've ever seen in RS.

I definitely place Endgame above any of the 2017 quests.

To be honest, given the reception to the 6 quests we've had in 2017 by most lore people, that's really not a high bar.... backhanded complement, anyone?

07-Dec-2017 16:30:42

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World Guardian aside, Jas is probably Sliske's favorite puppet.

Elder God or no, imagine being delusional enough to think you can actually control Sliske when "even Sliske doesn't trust Sliske."
"The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits."

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One Piercing Note my all time fav, I looove when they mash the songs together at the end, the entire vibe of the quest is so wonderfully sad and eerie.

Beyond that, also adore the obvious: WGS, ROTM, TWW, MPD, FOTG (which I just did two days ago) in its entirety was phenomenal, I really love the voice acted stuff. I'm also a huge Zaros/Azzy/Sliske stan so any content with them is almost pandering directly to me.

Lord of Vampyrium, River of Blood, Plague's End, Smoking Kills, Temple at Senntisten, Desert Treasure as well.

Maybe a bit of a wild card, I found A Void Dance to be surprisingly poignant and sad at the end when deciding whether or not to leave the pest alive.

Will add any more as I think of them. Great thread.

27-Jul-2018 16:12:13

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