Lore Clean-Up: Timeline, etc.

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I'm not sure if we can consider the Mousepad map as canon, since it was a player submission for a competition. I assume you are referring to this map?

A few notes:

2) Well, the Museum does date a lot of its other exhibits, but I suppose aside from the coins all of it's 4th age or later so fair point (edit: missed that you already pointed that out). A mod also mentioned that the Betrayal of Zaros happened in the year 1995 of the Zarosian calendar (year might be off by a decade or so, can't actually remember the exact date), but since that's not in-game it isn't necessarily canon.

10) The battle of Annakarl is seen in a cutscene in Ritual of the Mahjarrat, and it does give the exact date of 3100

12) I'd like to look for a source on that. Pretty sure all we know for sure is that there's Zamorakian coinage by 3740, and that in 3804 it's Saradominist, but we have no idea when Zamorak actually took control of the city. If it's after the city fell to a combined Zamorakian and Saradominist force, which the book of the gods vaguely claims was 100 generations after Zaros' fall, then he'd have had it for quite some time. It was in the hands of Zamorakian rebels for a very short time though after Zamorak left, if that's what you're referring to.

Also if I recall my Hero's Welcome lore right then the Fremennik lands never fell to outside invaders thanks to V.

13) According to Zemouregal's notes Azzanadra was imprisoned in Jaldraocht in the early years of the god wars, not near its end.

17) The 4th age is a bit too long as it is it still has to be pretty long to account for the mortal races (or at least humans) forgetting most gods other than Zamorak, Saradomin and Guthix. I imagine the Saradominist creation myth also developed during this time period. 500-1000 years should be enough though.
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