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• Kerapac has a son named Vicendithas who is a softy, unlike his father.

• Vicendithas creates a new dragon using a white dragon egg, elven crystal, and Kerapac's blood: An elven crystal dragon that spits beautiful white fire.

• Vicendithas loves the dragon and considers it his daughter. He swears to protect it from Kerapac, who'd only see it as another test subject for torture.

• The crystal dragon grows at an abnormally fast and healthy rate. It is the pinnacle of dragon pedigree.

• The crystal dragon impregnates itself by shapeshifting genders and inseminating herself while a male. She/he lays six eggs that hatch to become gemstone dragons. Dragonstone is invented.

• Best-father-of-the-year Kerapac forgets he had a son and decides to come down to his basement after years to see what he is up to. He. Is. Disgusted.

• Kerapac is fascinated by the dragons; they are better than his own metal dragons . Kerapac demands to take the dragons and eggs in order to dissect them and discover what makes them ticks.

• Vicendithas says 'piss off' and hides the gemstone dragons under Shilo Village. Kerapac burns the lab to the ground. Vicendithas hides her daughter somewhere special. THE END.
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