Does Freneskae have anima?

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Does Freneskae have any anima, at all? Because many people and game dialogues suggests that it is completely dry out of anima, like completely dead. Yet, we can still cast spells on the planet and do magic. People suggest that's our own anima fueling the magic and not the planet's anima, but I don't think we'd be able to supply that much energy. I think there is SOME anima on the planet, enough to supply us with enough spells, because there is a pool of divination energy in the Elder Hall, and that we drew our spell energy from that. Then there was that whole deal with allowing Zaros into our body and supplying us with infinite energy for ancient magick spells, and that was from all the Muspah energy he swallowed over the centuries... I worship Mah, for she is mah homegirl! The correct adjective for Mah's followers are: Mahomies, Mah-homeboys, or Mah-homegirls.

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Wen*ra's dialogue from Heart of Stone appears to indicate that runes absorb and store some amount of anima on their own. So being able to cast spells there really doesn't mean much. The fact that we can practice Divination on Freneskae, however, probably means that there is some anima left in the plane.

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Ancient Drew
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It's probably a tiny amount that's still leaking from the Elder Halls. If there wasn't any anima left, Mah and Zaros would both have died from starvation. He wouldn't even have been able to create the nihil or perform scientific experiments there. And as for magic, it was probably all but nonexistent until the World Guardian arrived; as a mortal they could have given Mah a small boost to wake her up.

Personally, I believe divination acts as a way of feeding Elder Gods, and it might be used from different recipes to drug or poison them out. Guthix had the idea of making the anima perfectly balanced and rationing it to the Elders to buy us time on Gielinor, and Seren might try to change the recipe up to sedate them forever.
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sir eos lee

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There are trace amounts (it's hard to get 100% of anything really).

There might be a question of how much anima might be 'original' or 'natural' vs what might have been leakage from all the years Mah was basically creating life.

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The only source of information that says we need anima for magic comes from Ariane, a noob who can't even cast all the spells from the basic spellbook. Meanwhile the Lunar Clan and Zaros says magic comes from within ourselves and the Elder Gods respectively. Runescape doesn't need a needs a villain. An all encompassing force of evil that will remain ever-threatening and use chaos to make the peoples of Gielinor tolerate each other, grow strong together, and fight side by side against this evil. I am that villain.

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There's elder energy, there is life. So yes, there is anima. The other Elder gods sucked a lot of it away, but not all. It was probably too little to matter with too much trouble. You could probably find away to mmake a wet towel complerely dry, but at a certaint time it's just not worth it and you'll just leave it hanging and move on. I think it's suggested the Elder gods did the same. Didn't Zaros say something along the lines oni explaining why Mah wasn't completely powerless when the other elder gods thought her stillborn? Revive/Enhance Mage Arena God staffs!
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Yeah, there's Anima there. It's just a very very small amount. Whether the Elder Gods left it that way or purpose or not is the question.. from my understanding, they'd want to sap as much Anima as possible, so leaving any of it behind is an odd choice.
Then again, there was probably even more Anima when the Elders first left.. perhaps Mah was stillborn not from lack of Anima, but because she was unable to properly sap the amount she needed quickly enough.. and she gradually sapped just enough to survive, but not enough to be intelligent like the rest of them.
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