Seren: Hate or Redeem?

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Seren has done some pretty questionable things in her past.

• She fooled the Mahjarrat into believing she was Mah, creating the tradition of the Ritual of Rejuvenation and making them sacrifice themselves, which eventually lead them to near extinction. (She did this out of love for Mah, of course, and wanting to save the planet from Mah's wrath.)

• She bound the elves into her soul using a dangerous ritual. Now if the elves are left deprived of her, they die. (She did this out of love for the elves. She wanted to give them longer lives to live. )

• When the elves did not want to leave Tarddiad to go to Gielinor, she forced their hand by depriving them of her presence, making them lust for her so badly, to the point where they literally leaped through the portal. (She thought Gielinor was a better place of them.

• She left the Cywir clan to rot. They turned delusional, wild, crystal shapeshifters.

• She caused the Dark Lord to be born and forced the elves into a civil war.

• When she exploded herself into millions of crystals, she probably permanently lacerated a bunch of elves and killed many others.

• She has...mood issues... Her banshee scream almost made many of the Mahjarrat in Children of Mah go deaf. Zaros even feared her wild emotions were strong enough to kill them all.


So, despite all of this, is Seren redeemable as a character? How can she be redeemed?
I worship Mah, for she is mah homegirl! The correct adjective for Mah's followers are: Mahomies, Mah-homeboys, or Mah-homegirls.

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