Who Leads Them Now?

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Ancient Drew said:
Lynxlynx said:
Ancient Drew said:
The Godless and Zamorak seem like the closest choices for the remaining Bandosians who want to go to another faction. I mean Bandos even confessed that he might have seen eye-to-eye with Zamorak if things had been different from the God Wars. On the other hand, the more disgruntled ones may actually join the Queen of Ashes, or join Armadyl purely out of spite for Bandos.

I think Armadyl too, but not out of spite for Bandos, (and not because i follow Armadyl myself), but rather because Armadyl managed to win over Bandos, thus proving that he is "stronger" than him. General Graador will most likely not go with Armadyl.
That's true, but then I could see it going down like this:

Goblin: You beat Big High War God. Me follow you because you champion!
Please, don't think of me as some champion or warmaster. We are here to ensure peace and justice in the world.

Goblin: Er, me no sure what you mean, but me follow you anyway. Me gonna be strongest fighter in your army!

I could see some real confusion going on through that goblin's mind now. Why is the god who slew the mighty Bandos pursuing a pacifistic path? How can his followers be that strong if they don't fight each other?

I'm not criticising your faction here, I'm just trying to see this from the goblin's point of view. :P

Remember that Armadyl isn't as pasifistic as Seren. He can and will fight, but that's more of a "last resort" he uses when nothing else works. But it was still an interesting point of view, and i can agree with you on it :D
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Oh dear... you lost The Game ;)

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