My Thoughts on The Godless

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The Godless' mission will always be just a dream. Guthix has tried to get rid of all the gods once. He has failed. As long as loyal followers remain on Gielinor, no god can stay banished forever. When Guthix first banished all the gods, he underestimated the faith and loyalty of their followers. He thought after a few centuries, everyone would forget about them and become "Godless." But nooo... It just made everyone mad and they ultimately barged into his door to kill him.

Even if you hypothetically killed every god and, say, erased everyones minds of gods ever existing, it is human nature to worship something of a higher power/status than us. We need something to make us feel comfort...something to lean our backs on. Something to wake up for and give us hope. That is why we invent dumb stuff like santa claus, the tooth fairy, and Him. They are placebos to make us feel good. Without gods and their false propaganda, I fear for the mental health of the population. If the godless do exceed in their mission, who is to say, in generations to come, Kara-Meir won't be looked up to as a god herself? She could die as a martyr and be written in some book by some crazy fanatics proclaiming her to be some pseudo-god— like Iban. There are too many ways I can see this go wrong.
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