Ilujankan ages

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Zevrant Bapt said:
Sepulchre said:
Funnily enough, if you divide 6170 by 5, that actually comes out to 1234.. So, does that mean the average expected lifespan of an Ilujankan is 1,234 years?

Makes me wonder if Sharrigans exact quote is not accurate, but just shortened for the sake of ease. Her quote is "I am also Hannibus's great, great, great, erm... great granddaughter."
That 'erm...' could mean that she doesn't know how long ago exactly and just leaves it at that.
But that just makes everything even more vague and creates more questions.

So I thought I'd step in here and help out a bit. The "erm" here does indeed represent several "greats", simply because I thought the dialogue would be immeasurably tedious with an accurate representation.

The average unaltered lifespan of an Illujanka is intended to not be incredibly long. I believe Mod Osborne and I agreed it to be roughly similar to the human lifespan, give or take a decade or two (it's been a while since I wrote them, so I may be off a bit here). They are certainly not intended to be another 1000+ lifespan race.

The Illujanka have been in MASSIVE decline since Hannibus left them. We didn't want another completely dead race, but the Illujanka people have gone from a blustering populated world and are now a single city. They are on the cusp of complete extinction, if there is to be hope, it will need to be very soon...

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16-May-2016 10:07:40

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