Magic: Souls, Runes, and Gods

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My theory is that runes are like magnets that pull out specific forms of elemental energies from the environment (anima mundi). I don't think they hold the raw energy themselves. Altars are capable of drawing out specific energies from the environment (as you said). But what if you expose a rune essence to altar, it does not store the rune with elemental energy, but rather the altar shares its ability to draw out the specific element from the environment, as well.

And (just a crazy idea) what if the altar is just one big rune essence with the ability to draw specific energies from the environment? Think about it. Altars are gray, just like a rune essence. They have a circular dome-ish shape with a flat bottom, just like a rune essence (when you drop it on a floor).

This theory makes total sense. Elemental staves are able to draw out specific energy from the environment. They may not be able to hold it, like an essence, but the energy gives you enough time to cast a spell.

I also have a slightly different theory. I found this description on the official runescape wikia (which is now run and edited by jmods only). It might not be correct though, because sometimes jmods are not lorehounds lke us and may have no idea what they are saying.

"Runes are weightless stones that have been imbued with power and can be used to cast spells.
They are the basic catalysts used to train the Magic skill, and serve as focuses for the innate magical powers of their users."

What this means that runes are "catalysts" that temporarily heighten our ability to draw out a specific energy from the environment (mundi). This sort of explains the lunar clan's ability to use magic without runes. They've used magic so much that their bodies just evolved and adjusted to drawing out magical energy without any training wheels.
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