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I wonder if the humans Guthix brought here were dispersed into particular regions or just kinda all dumped in one place or super region and they each divided into their own groups, I.E. Fremennik, Al Kharidians. WE1- Aligned/
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Renzler said:
I wonder if the humans Guthix brought here were dispersed into particular regions or just kinda all dumped in one place or super region and they each divided into their own groups, I.E. Fremennik, Al Kharidians.

The humans were all brought from one plane, presumably.

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There's something you all are missing. When Guthix and Tumeken brought the humans to gielinor, they brought something else as well.... Their pets. But why is that important? Well, remember that the elder gods never tried to create complex life, and only created simple life forms. That means that the evolution of species would take very different paths based on the different environments of each plane., it's highly unlikely that the evolutionary path of two separate planets would yield the same animals. *This is headcannon, not facts*

I'll talk about Guthix first. Guthix brought along a small dog with his people. The people described their homeworld as having a massive population density. So we know there are dogs and humans on the same plane somewhere. Dogs, of course, are selectively bred wolves, so wolves and humans likely live on the same plane.

Now let's look for any other connection between wolves and humans in the runescape universe. There is, of course, werewolves. Werewolves were mentioned by Mod Osborne at one point that they have their own home world. They also appear to have a shapeshifting power, but this power seems to be limited to turning into humans. Now, this trait seems to be biological so it is likely related to an evolutionary advantage. Now, where would this biological trait be of the most use? Obviously, for it to be useful there have to be humans. But wouldn't the ability to blend into people be most useful on a planet with a super high population density of humans?

Thus, I suspect that Guthix's humans came from the werewolf homeworld.


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I'll talk about the cat homeworld now before getting to Tumeken.

Cats likely first evolved on New Domina. The skypouncers are native there. They likely share an evolutionary history with the other lion/cat creatures we see, mostly found in Saradomins armies. Growler for example. At some point I suspect Saradomin and the Icyene started breeding Skypouncers to make expensive pets which were then imported to Terraguard, where the rich, such as Robert the Strong would own them (Odysseus).

Now Tumeken possessed cats and dogs. It's not clear when he came into possession of these animals. If it was after he came to gielinor, he could have gotten them from Saradomin and Guthix's humans, but consider this:

On New Domina, life revolves around sun and water. Life is a constant migration to keep inside the sun's warmth because to leave is to die from the freezing temperatures. So if you were a culture on such a planet, the sun is your life, and your culture would likely reflect that including your god. Tumeken himself passes himself off as the "sun", it would make sense to do that if your follower's culture revolves around the sun. His wife if often associated with water, another major characteristic of New Domina culture. Awhile back, the question for why the desert people are black was raised. The desert isn't old enough for natural selection to yield black skin, so the people there must have previously developed on a planet where they were exposed to a lot of sun, such as New Domina. Finally, New Domina cultures have to migratory, wasn't it also said that the desert folk was also quite migratory before the desert....

I think it's highly likely Tumeken was a god on New Domina before Saradomin had claimed the place as his own, and had recruited his people from there. He also may have visited the werewolf homeworld and recruited people there, or he picked up some dogs once he settled into gielinor.

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afaik there's nothing to indicate tumeken brought any humans to gielinor, they were here long before he got here.

most common animals likely spread to multiple planets alongside humans, before eventually finding their way to gielinor. most humanoid races probably evolved from humans in some manner.
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It should be remembered that Jagex had stated that Saradomin hasn't visit his homeplane in a long time. How long is the question, but Guthix could have gotten those human during the time that some humans started to forget who saradomin is. Or maybe during the time some didn't know Saradomin because of his long absence.
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I think you guys are thinking a bit too much into this, making it harder than needed.

Saradomin only communicated and ruled over the families. Many of those families died out.

Also, as stated, humans had already started colonizing worlds before Saradomin lead them to the portal, so it is possible Guthix picked them up from other planets that humans were own before Saradomin became a god.

However, there is another possibility.

Saradomin established the ruling families once he became a god. Knowing Saradomin, he only communicated with the more wealthier or orderly humans. This is why his followers are more Noble in nature.

It is possible that there were humans who didn't live with the families and prefered to live in the wild, cutting themselves off from the world, similar to Earth where there are still human tribes who don't communicate with the rest of the world.

This is why there was tribes that Guthix chose from. He said he chose humans who didn't have a concept of a god. He didn't tell them he was a god, but they worshiped him as one, because that is what humans do. They strive to worship someone. Not to mention he showed them things they have never seen and looked very different from a human.

This is why non saradomin humans are more Tribal or Nature inclined like the Druids and Fremennik people.

And the Fremennik Spiritual Realm or Valhalla is the Teregardian After Life. Meaning that there was more than just the 12 families that Saradomin established.

Teragard also sounds a lot like a Norse Mythology World, similar to Midgard and Asgard.

There is also a great amount of info that points to Robert the Strong being a Fremennikian. He foresaw himself being reincarnated into a cat, Seers, and he wore armor similar to Fremennikian Rock Shell armor. It doesn't say Robert the Strong was part of the families. He snuck into the palace and went into the portal himself out of curiosity. He then later met Odysseus and girlfriend on Gelinor.
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