Love letters from the dead

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Half Centaur
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Half Centaur

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Aww man, that'd be a great inclusion to the game though!

If we could go back to the underworld area and get one of these letters from them and pass it to someone in void knight command- that'd be amazing!
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21-Mar-2018 01:04:13

Vlad Bron
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Vlad Bron

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Delivering love letters from the dead sounds like a really interesting idea for a Valentine's or Halloween miniquest type thing. Especially for Korasi and Jessika after everything Grayzag and Nomad put them through.

Also, had no idea there was a LGBT history month. Thought February was black history month.

Not sure if some of the others here meant adding Jessika/Korasi's letter to the game or LGBT history month. One more reason to put their letter into the game.

14-Apr-2018 05:06:17

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