How did kethsian magic work?

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Kethsians are probably a more magically-inclined race than we humans are. Magic comes to them easier than magic comes to us humans because their world was an imperfect lower world created earlier than Gielinor by the Elder Gods. Lower worlds are said to be imperfect, compared to Gielinor. Common traits of lower worlds tend to be: wild rampant magical energy, unstable environments, unmolded crystal formation, and the existence of sentient organisms, aside from plant life, etc. Sentient life such as humans, aviansies, elves came into existence due to an anomaly with the anima mundi on imperfect worlds. Sentient life is a mistake, an unintended byproduct of the anima mundi.

So when the first Kethsians started sprouting out of the ground as a byproduct of the anima, their bodies were probably magically adept at controlling that anima. When Gielinor was created, the Elders perfected their planet-making craft so much, they managed to create a planet guaranteed not to spawn sentient organisms. That doesn't mean the anima mundi is incapable of creating anima beings such as Vorago. Just that it won't create mammals like us. The anima of Gielinor, is so refined, it is difficult for humans and other races to manipulate it and do magic on their own without runes, hence it is why we need them. It takes constant generations of evolution, conditioning, and training for humans to heighten and refine their grip on Gielinor's anima to actually do magic without runes (see the Moonclan).
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