Xau-Tak: God of the Horrors

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Wahisietel said:
So, apparently, Zanik was talking about Xau-Tak last month, but we missed it. Apparently, she talks about the Soul Obelisk singing to her when you ask her about the Soul Obelisk when you're at the Signature Heroes stage in Zanik's adventures. Or maybe it only happened in November, I dunno. Someone who missed one of the adventures should check.

So gonna just dive in here and wreck this theory, as it is written as verbatim fact, when it's actually a bit of a logical leap.

I can confirm that at this point in time Xau-Tak does not have any influence over the Soul Obelisk and Zanik's dialogue is referring to something else.

Sorry, figured I should step in now before you tangle yourself in confused webs. ;)

= Raven =

14-Dec-2016 15:02:10

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