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Something just occurred to me...

Following the events of Rune Memories, do the current day wizards of the Wizard Tower know that we have unlocked the entrance to the Old tower underground? I can't seem to find a post-quest dialogue that suggests they are aware that we unlocked the entrance.

I think it's kind of important that they are aware of this, since many times during the quest it was stressed that unlocking the underground entrance was something that the wizards of the surface tower tried to accomplish for AGES, wasting tons of Water Surge runes to break the enchanted door open.

Plus, the door is permanently unlocked now, not requiring a key anymore to go through it, yet no one seems to be aware of this... Perhaps Sedridor could come down and somehow relive the whole fiasco of the coloured wizards.

I kind of want to rub it in every wizard's face that it was the Guthixians/Saradominists wizards' fault that the old tower collapsed in their face. Make them see the truth and stuff...and perhaps even bring the tower back to its god-friendly days.

I feel like the Zamorakian wizards were unfairly treated, discriminated and victimized in the whole collapse when it wasn't really their fault in anything.

If you forgot what happened, the Guthixian Headmistress Lady (Azris) stole the teleportation schematics from the poor Zamorakian-loner-apprentice-guy (Kelavan) out of jealousy and went on a jealousy rant of how she spent years writing volumes how teleportation was impossible, yet Kelevan discovered the teleportation solution on accident in seconds. I just thought that was just wrong and unfair.

Then during the power beam ritual the Saradomin headmistress lady (Unaia) turned all bigot after finding out a demon was involved in the ritual and abandoned everyone, causing the beam to become unstable and cause the tower to collapse.

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Finally, let's not forget the young Saradomin apprentice Perien... The guy who blamed eveeerything on the zamorakian wizards and had everyone banned from the new tower, breaking off all alliances and making the tower Saradominist-inclusive WHEN he knew it wasn't really their fault. He probably proclaimed he and his mistress found the teleportation solution all by themselves too! LIAR! DISCREDITORS! he probably did all this to flaunt and get into Mei's pants


I just wish there was someway we could expose all this to the modern wizards. Let them know it was not really the Zamorakian wizards fault at all for the destruction of the first tower. Get them to see a new perspective of things, ya'know? Perhaps evem reevaluate their beliefs. Perien kind of stolen credit for everything and falsely accused the Zamorakians. The Green lady, stole the schematics from the poor red apprentice guy, and the saradominist headmistress lady and Perien leaving mid-ritual was the main reason why the tower collapse.

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It would be nice to finally break the delusion of the current age Saradominists, they live a constant lie that they were the saviors when in reality they were the ones that caused untold loss of magical study and life, I'm not surprised that's a running theme.

I doubt it'll ever be brought up though, sadly.
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I think they are fairly aware of what happened, given Ellaron and the soul fragments were chatting about it the entire way up the tower, and Sedridor openly acknowledges Ellaron's plot.

There's just a few issues with opening up the Tower to other orders of wizards.

The gray wizards largely don't exist anymore, or are already operating within the tower and are only paying Saradomin lip service (like Ariane before speaking to the demon).

The green wizards most likely merged with the druids, leaving little interest in the Tower's business.

The red wizards bear a nasty grudge and threaten violence against the Tower.

Even assuming years have now passed since completing the quest, it's unsurprising that the Tower would largely maintain its current composition of Orders.

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While I'd like to see it addressed, I don't want to see the Wizard's Tower opened to other Orders, just cos it would strain credulity.

By this point, the 'Blue Wizards only' club is nothing to do with Saradominism and everything to do with power. These guys are the biggest pillar of human supremacy - they are sole proprietors of the most powerful forces at work in the mundane world. They are gatekeepers to the lodestone network and teleportation magic, on which modern society relies. They alone control access to the mainland essence mine - a discovery so revolutionary, it literally ushered in a new age.

So, just handing over the reins to some other group, that may not have human interests at the top of their concerns? Freely give access to gnomes, vyres, birdmen? Sure, they'll share, as long as it suits them. But they'll never hand over the keys to their monopoly, not willingly. Controlling the essence means controlling magic. And the power to cut this off is enough to make the Wizard's Tower immune to any political or military machinations. Why would they give that up?

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In the quest towards the end you have the zamorakian wizard seeing the new tower and marveling at how awesome it is. I always thought that was the most defining moment of that quest. Even if their new fashion sense is sub-par (kids today, what ever happened to neon trimmed robes?) the new tower operates with the old tower's approval. Headcanon Haven, where everything is made up and the points don't matter.
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