Regarding the Old WIzard Tower

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While I'd like to see it addressed, I don't want to see the Wizard's Tower opened to other Orders, just cos it would strain credulity.

By this point, the 'Blue Wizards only' club is nothing to do with Saradominism and everything to do with power. These guys are the biggest pillar of human supremacy - they are sole proprietors of the most powerful forces at work in the mundane world. They are gatekeepers to the lodestone network and teleportation magic, on which modern society relies. They alone control access to the mainland essence mine - a discovery so revolutionary, it literally ushered in a new age.

So, just handing over the reins to some other group, that may not have human interests at the top of their concerns? Freely give access to gnomes, vyres, birdmen? Sure, they'll share, as long as it suits them. But they'll never hand over the keys to their monopoly, not willingly. Controlling the essence means controlling magic. And the power to cut this off is enough to make the Wizard's Tower immune to any political or military machinations. Why would they give that up?

08-Nov-2016 01:38:17

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