Amascut sane in Dod?

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Kittyphantom said:
Wahisietel said:
Ernie says that Amascut's apes are rampaging over Al-Kharid or something in Dimension of Disaster, so yeah, Amascut still insane.

Patrolling, if I remember rightly.

If she were sane, then why would a demi-godess of resurrection and whatnot want to be in control of Al-Kharid? Unless something was interfering with her ability to function as such she would have no interest whatsoever in conquest, pretty much like Ichtlarin is now.

While it's more likely she went insane in that dimension as well the implication of something happening in Al-Kharid interfering with her duties specifically due to us not being present in that timeline intrigues me. If we assume her to be sane, what could something like that possibly be?

Sometimes, less is more.

17-May-2017 18:46:12

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