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Ashura Maelo

Ashura Maelo

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So while all the other gods get their own set of runite armor/ other armors (Note the plural) directly associated with it, Seren seems to have gotten the short end of the stick.

She gets the anima core armor, (which costs a ludicrous amount), but lacks other armors that other gods get. Hell even Zaros gets claim to all the Nex armors. Saradomin/Armadyl/Bandos/Zamorak all get their warpriest on top of their own Power Armors.

Seren gets crystal armor and weapons, which is fantastic, but it feels a bit lacking compared to the sheer number of items dedicated to the Original GWD bosses.

Maybe I'm just being picky, but if I want my character to be able to represent Seren for RP purposes, then perhaps some more "cosmetic" style armors like the god rune armors would be a nice addition.

25-Oct-2016 03:32:56

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