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Because. Runite armour is a feeble human invention. Why would elves need such a useless metal when they have indestructible crystal armor? Also, there were rarely any human worshippers of seren back then in the old ages, and given that she was an isolationist back then in nature, if you were one of the rare human Serenists, you would probably live in Tirannwn and be assimilated with elven culture and wore their crystal armor, not runite.

Back then, if you tried to even try to trot around with a necklace with Seren's embellishments outside of Tiranwn, you'd probably be executed by Saradominists, Zarosians, or one of the other prominent gods back then, nevertheless wear a trimmed seren rune armor! It's just heresy! You just couldn't be an open Serenist and live in Ardougne. It's just a no no. You are alone when you walk out of Tirannwn. No Seren army was gonna engage in battle to save your bum.

Unfortunately, the secret to trimming armor was lost long ago, and we don't know how to trim armor ourselves. The only way to acquire trimmed armor nowadays is by digging up the buried past.
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