Seren: Pulling Zaros' Rug

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Hguoh said:
Cthris said:
Not entirely. Like I said in my post I don't understand. Pretty much the only reason we are given for them not being the same is that people don't treat it the same.

And like I said, we can't expect anyone to create out of nothing because not evenness the elder gods do that. You could even say that all life created is a part of the elder god, since it comes from their own energy, and has its memories erased. Like haluends counterpart

Rather, it would seem that the elder gods' power wills materials into existence and everything else (including life) is then made from those materials.

Well.... I'm not so sure. They created the universe out of sacred clay after all. And I'm not sure if they actually created the primordial realm.
I have noticed your kind does tend to blindly stumble forward towards danger simply because it exists. What is your word for that?
- We call it being a hero.

20-Jan-2017 14:31:39

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