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I love that my postulation led to a discussion on souls intertwined with properties proposed in quantum physics. I think that I inadvertently got y'all to run the gamut of things associated.

Although, I still feel like they're going to force Seren to ascend somehow in the future (it just feels like how they're trying to set it up).

Another small postulation: could it be that part of creating life, which one has to be able to do, is being able to do it without realizing it? Jas and the others seem perturbed by the fact that these living 'beings' have infested their multiverse petri dish. Perhaps higher life is an unintended consequence of their work?

Perhaps it's viewed by the elders as something that just happens when they create (much to their chagrin). Therefore, it's kind of an accidental requirement. "Every time an Elder creates worlds, these little living things tend to pop up somewhere. Every time you create something, these little living things don't tend to pop up somewhere. Therefore, you cannot be an Elder!"

Were this the case, maybe Seren did not realize how important the creation of the twins might be. Perhaps she created life, but she just thinks of it as something unimportant that she did. Without stressing about it, she just happened to accomplish what Zaros has been stressing about.

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Well, I think the Elders are aware of how to create mortal life. The gnomes already told us that life generates anima, so even simple life should suffice. However, it seems like complex, conscious life is something relatively new.

The Elders have been making perfect worlds a very long time now, a place for life to flourish so the accumulated anima can be harvested when the world is 'ripe'. However, it seems like they are unaware as of yet what intelligent life means for their creation, as suggested by the instantaneous enslavement of the Dragonkin the moment they faced Jas.

As their 'perfect' worlds become better with every iteration (and also their non-perfect worlds!) every single one of them becomes more likely to spawn intelligent life. It is likely that they inhabit their worlds with basic lifeforms, which are subsequently allowed to proliferate to eventually give them the anima they need.

This leaves us with the question asked at the end of the Endgame. Why should (complex) mortal life be preserved? What use does it have (other than the obvious) to a being as utterly powerful and alien as an Elder god? I think the mortal soul has a great deal to do with it, and with it its connection to the afterlife. Check out this thread, I think you'll like it too.

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Sorry for the late response. I got a nasty virus for the last few days.

Anyways, like I said, the Casimir effect isn't an example of creation from nothing because a void/vacuum is not nothing, it is a body of space that matter can move, or be suspended in. We still have a major problem here with the Elder Gods not being able to create from nothing.

That being said, the Casimir an interesting concept and could be easily applied to Runescape.

In Summer's end, the spirit beast is tearing rips in the fabric of reality, allowing matter to pass into the void. We actually get a glimpse of the void. One interesting feature of the void is that it is white... But how can it be white? We only perceive the colour white in objects because said objects reflect a huge chunk of light instead of absorbing it and we perceive white light from light sources when there is enough light produced.

So if the void is white, that means it is filled with light, but if it's filled with light it's filled with energy. If it's filled with energy where did that energy come from? The Casimir effect.

Secondly, what do you define as a soul? It seem's to me that you are classifying souls as whatever goes/has the capacity to go to the afterlife when you die, but before I get into this too much could you give me what the necessary requirements for an object to have in order to be a soul?

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HeroicSnorro said:

You have a point on solely relying on the Casimir effect. If the source were infinite the Elders wouldn't need to do all this world forging at all. Then again, it is a *very* weak force, and you'll most likely need vast amounts of vacuum to even solidify the tiniest bit of matter from it. It could be a means to the end: the first tentative steps to making a universe. Once you get your first world done, produced a bit of proper anima you've got some of your own energy to start off with. Make some more worlds, harvest more of it and eventually steamroll through the world forging without relying on something as 'primitive' as relying on effects like I mentioned before.

Actually, now that I think about it. This is literally the story of the Runespan. Essentially, the wizards came upon a pocket dimension filled with energy. (How did a pocket dimension with nothing else in it come to hold energy other than through the Casimir effect.) They then used this energy to create actual matter within the pocket dimension, including strange life-forms made of runic energy. Like the Elder Gods, the wizards feed off of the runic energy these life forms produce.

Now presumably the life form's weren't strictly created from the energy of the pocket dimension since they have rune essence in them, which as far as we know, only exists on gielinor. However, soul energy could conceivably have been generated, it doesn't hold anything else other than energy, but one would hardly call that pool of soul energy life, despite it being filled with more soul than most life.

So tricky tricky. If using the energy caused by the phenomenon we call the Casimir effect is what the Elder Gods consider creating from nothing, then it's possible the Wizard guild could have fulfilled the requirement.

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