Saradomin: Hate or Redeem?

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It seems Saradomin may have a good side after all. If you raced with him during the quest and he won, he reveals that he plans on using the SoJ as a bargaining chip to get back his daughter from Zaros, who was captured by him but recaptured by Seren. Her name is Adrasteia. (Source: player "Sky Jexel" from the Lore FC) Seren wanted to bargain her for the Stone if Saradomin were to win it in the race. Seren feared he was too dangerous to have it should he have won it. This must be what Saradomin's weakness during Hero's welcome was...

Also we learned that Saradomin found his crown in a cave on Teragard and that he ripped Garlandia's wings to show the icyene he was merciless. He did feel terrible for taking her wings, though.
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