The Great Asgarnian Conspiracy

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Wahisietel said:
That's some pretty well-written fanfiction, Solanumtinkr, but I don't think it's relevant to this thread, since we're discussing the stuff that's actually in-game, not in your head :)
Sit Tiff;'s suspicions were in one of the quests, though you really had to dig in to the chat options. If it is not found today, then it has be quietly retconned. Sir Amik as the the leader of the White Knights was the one the suspicions would fall on by default, in regards to their in game history, that chat options only available during the Invasion of Burthorpe and possibly by implication in the books. That they were up to no good in the lead up to them seizing Falador is show to be a fact, thanks to The Invasion of Falador and the TH event.

While some connect the dots is going on,. a lot of it could be found, at least at the time. Some may even have been retconned, but if so it was done strictly on the quiet.
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The Temple Knights being... not "good guys" was definitely planned back in the day - heck, we even have the developer of the Slug Menace saying he had plans for them in the sequel to that quest.

But things change. After content like the Void series, While Guthix Sleeps and Ritual of the Mahjarrat, it would honestly be a stretch to portray the Temple Knights as evil masterminds now. Especially since Sir Tiffy is pretty much one of the leaders of the organisation (to the point where The Void Stares Back incorrectly says he is the leader)

Also, pretty sure none of the stuff you're talking about ever happened, maybe you imagined it :)
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