what's with all the new gods??

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It's been a gradual process, with an increase after the 6th age started (2013).

Zamorak, Saradomin, and Guthix are the most widely worshipped gods in-universe, and the most recognisable gods out-of-universe, but they weren't the only gods for long.

Already in Temple of Ikov, 2002, it was stated there were at least 20 gods, with Saradomin, Zamorak, and Guthix as the only gods acknowledged by Saradominists. That quest also introduced us to Armadyl and revealed that Zamorak used to be mortal.

Over time more and more gods were added. Most of them weren't as prominent as the "big three", but don't make the mistake they were less important for that reason. After all, Zaros was always heavily implied to be one of the most powerful gods. And in the God Wars dungeon, the armies of Bandos and Armadyl fought on equal footing with the armies of Saradomin and Zamorak.

With the 6th age and the death of Guthix, the gods can physically return to Gielinor again. That's where we are now. The gods are center-stage so a lot of effort has been made to flesh them out. Armadyl was, like I said earlier, first mentioned in Temple of Ikov, but he's certainly gotten a lot more attention in recent years. Now I'm fairly certain he's more popular than any of the "big three", save Guthix, among players.


Most gods don't embody an aspect of nature these days. They have some sort of philosophy they espouse and are the "god of". Zamorak preaches growth through adversity, strength through chaos, so he is the god of chaos. Likewise, Armadyl believes in Justice as an ideal, but he is not Justice itself. There are god emissaries in-game to tell you more about each god's individual beliefs.

Some gods are primarily worshipped by other races, like Armadyl and the Aviansie and Bandos with the goblins, ogres, ourgs etc., but most gods would welcome anyone willing to worship them.

And Sliske is not really a god. He's a trollish Mahjarrat.
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