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Just want to step in and correct an assumption here:

Solanumtinkr said:
Though in the end it was easy enough to destroy O_o

It really wasn't.

You have a very specific set of circumstances here that allowed Kerapac to destroy it. He needed:-

* Another elder artefact that had been studied an misused to have a very specific effect it was not intended for.
* The massive anima energy of the Heart
* The Stone itself to be in said Heart
* Extensive research into how the connection between the stone works and how to use it. Which included needing someone with the World Guardian power to investigate (One of a Kind).
* Not to mention needing everyone distracted long enough to set this up (notice how the Dragonkin didn't interact with people much in the maze, it's because they were somewhat busy).

Basically this could only happen in this specific setup. This was in no ways an easy thing and likely no one else would have been able to set this up.

I labour this, because it's likely to be important going forward. ;)

= Raven =

26-May-2017 10:45:44

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Mod Raven

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Big Storms said:
I fully agree with the above: destroying the Stone of Jas was no small feat. It does however give another reason why we should not have even bothered getting the stone "back" from the Dragonkin when we are told (lied to) that they have "stolen" it: if they truly had the stone then rather than destroying it (near impossible) they would have hid it. That hypothetical situation would have not upset the Elder Gods as much as destroying their artifact.

This still makes me wonder why my character took Sliske's bait and tried to get the stone "back" at the start of Kindred Spirits.
It is something easily solved though by adding a chat option to not help Relomia, only to still be kidnapped. At least that is what I want to believe is what really happened.

Well you make some assumptions here about what the dragonkin would do. For a start you assume all the dragonkin would function like the Dactyl (Kerapac specifically) would do, which is not what the Necrosyrtes would do AT ALL.

The Necrosyrtes having the stone would likely be bad. Look what they did when they took divine energy to empower themselves in Hero's Welcome.

You also assume a lot about Elder God motivations or opinions but that's for another day. ;)

You weren't just seeking Sliske remember. You were also seeking all the people that had gone missing and were being held hostage. There has to be an assumption that the player cares about other people's plight, otherwise it becomes impossible to assume motivation for anything. You are a hero, after all, so we assume you're pretty up for rescuing those genuinely in need.

I do acknowledge that it's a bit of a railroad, but I think you can easily justify it from the player's point of view.

= Raven =

26-May-2017 15:08:08

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