Inquiry on prayers and Zaros

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There are many references in-game that suggest prayer comes from a God(s). This is nothing but lies told by Gods to trick the mass into following them. It gives people comfort knowing that their god is constantly watching them, when unknowingly in reality they really aren't. It's fake rhetoric stuff like this for the sole purpose to increase faith, loyalty and security. It's a lie that decieves the most powerfulest of beings. Even Nex believes her prayers come directly from Zaros.

Take the saradomin knight In Hero's Welcome, for example. Remember how he had faith in Saradomin rescuing him and that Saradomin actually cares for him? In reality, Saradomin probably doesn't even know he exists or cares for him. The whole Saradominisr religion is surrounded by propaganda and the false notion that Saradomin is some all-seeing omnipotent being. #stopthelies #CrookedGods
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