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So, with Endgame concluded, it looks like we've got eight outstanding quest series~

Desert (explicitly 5th Age)
Gnomes (implicitly 5th Age)
Pirates (implicitly 5th Age)
Elemental Workshop (neutral)
Penguins (neutral)
Elder Gods (6th Age)
Dragonkin/Robert (6th Age)
Sir Owen (6th Age)

Probably only one left for pirates and gnomes. Three left for desert. Three for elemental workshop. No way to guess for the others.

The past three years have all seen seven quest releases. Menaphos releases with two quests, there's a Bik quest, we've got two standalone quests in Evil Dave and Nexus quests, then probably one to accompany each of the other two expansions - one of which has a good shot of being Piratey, with the Ambassador upcoming. That takes care of the quest schedule for 2017.

I'm wondering if desert quests will be set in the 5th Age or if they'll jump into the current era. Kinda weird with how big a role Icthlarin has in 6th Age content. Myreque and desert were really the two questlines that should have been completed before TWW released.

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