Death of a god?

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I strongly doubt any deity of great consequence will die in the next two quests.

Even the whole showdown between Zamorak and Zaros - it just doesn't make much sense, given all we've learned by now of the character and relative ability of these two gods. Zamorak would gain nothing from it. Zaros has no reason to even consider it.

Now perhaps they'll come up with a compelling reason for it. Or maybe we've just been misinterpreting and this solely refers to the flashback to Zammy's coup. But, the pedigree of this quest's writers does not inspire confidence, and I can't help worry that it will be nothing but a bundle of superfluous, nonsensical fanservice - as we've seen so many times before from this story team.

Here's hoping I'm proven wrong.

08-Nov-2016 01:44:43

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