mini-theory: Wen and ice queen

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Not really much of a theory, but more of a "Hey, have you noticed..?" kind of deal. But w/e.

Theory (or at least headcanon): Wen is connected to, or IS the ice queen from the heroes quest.

If you're an avid quester, you'll know about the elder gods. The apocalyptic beings who make and eat dimensions for breakfast? Regardless, there's not a lot we know of them. Except for them creating much of the universe, but they were created too.

One of them is named "Wen". Her chronicle is found on ice mountain, while her mouthpiece is found on white wolf mountain. As a result, her location could be both or either of the two mountains.

As a result, she is associated with the cold and ice, and she represents inversion, which seems to be oppose Jas' progession. (Similar to how Bik with alteration contrasts with Ful's constancy, whatever this means.), but that's not relevant to my thought.

Within white wolf mountain, the location of wen's mouthpiece, lies a curious NPC that's very interesting in concept and story, but we know next to nothing about.
I'm talking about the ice queen. She was featured in heroes quest where we beat her up and stole her ice gloves. She never really did anything, but I believe that there's more to her.

-She, like wen, is associated with ice, as shown by her name and court of ice warriors

-they both reside in white wolf mountain.

-We know VERY little about both of them

-May be a bit of a stretch, but her ice crown (plus center-hairspike) make her head somewhat similar to the likeness of wen's mouthpiece.

So what do you guys think? Does any of this make sense, or am I just reading too much into things?

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I'm going with what I said on Reddit.

More likely that the Ice Queen was only put there because of Heroes Quest, and is more likely related to the World of Winter and Summer.
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