Is Thammaron really dead?

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I think it's worth pointing out that the Avernic book is incredibly biased. It's very clearly characterized by Relenor's Saradominist faith. Not to mention the demon Relenor interrogated could have been lying. The amount of demons being projections could have been grossly exaggerated.

I also think it's a bit strange a projection would leave a skeleton. Presumably they turn to ash the moment the connection is broken. "Bleeding out" is something I imagine only demons who are physically here could do. Besides, if Thammaron was alive, don't you think he would be the one to rule Pandemonium and not Gree'Gar?

I think you might be underestimating the golems though. Sure, the golem we meet in the quest is old and fragile, but that doesn't mean all the golems were like that. The age of the Saradominist Colossus as stated in Top Trumps matches up with the battle of Uzer, so I imagine Uzer also had large Colossi protecting itself. The golem we met in The Golem could be the equivalent of a foot soldier, while the Colossi were war machines. Even without the Colossi there's still only so much Thammaron could take before he's overwhelmed.
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