Sliske's Endgame: Speculation

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Calling it now, Sliske has always been nomads master. Viggora works with or for Sliske. Viggora is the mysterious voice.
that'd be about as good a story as the evil chicken being sliske's master
I think the Evil Chicken would make a more credible master for Sliske than Viggora, tbh.

I never said the voice was his master. Idk why everyone assumes it's his master

It's because Sliske says, 'Yes, of course. I live to serve,' at the very end of the cutscene.

Personally, I think Sliske is slightly taunting the voice, and is not actually subserviant to it.
Except in the Lore Corner at Runefest, Raven specifically referred to the Voice when talking about Sliske's master.
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The more that's revealed about the Endgame, the more certain I feel that Sliske's master is either a Dragonkin, or some figure linked to the Dragonkin.

If it turns out to be a Kin-like creature with four arms, I will squee like a little girl.

Something linked to the Kin could also be linked to the Elders. I don't think it would make much sense to be a direct servant of the Elder Gods, and certainly not a god itself. But some entity with an Elder connection.

My guess is that the gods will play a smaller, rather than a larger role in Endgame. Perhaps Sliske will stage some event that raises the World Guardian to the top of the list - say, we kill a couple Necrosyrtes and get credit for two more god kills by proxy (V and Lucien - the rules are always changing). At any rate, I think the focus will be on us and Sliske.

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