In Defense of Saradomin

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MystLunaris said:
Hguoh said:
Guthix used the elder blade, one of the few means by which one can generate permanent, otherwise costless portals (which I already mentioned). Seren brought the elves to Gielinor at Guthix's invitation. Given Guthix invited her, she likely used one such Elder Blade portal (likely the one Guthix would later turn into the World Gate). And even if neither one used the Elder Blade (they did), they were both t2, well above were Saradomin and Bandos were.

I'd assumed that by that point Guthix had already broken The Blade.
The wiki does say "It currently lies broken on a table in the entryway to Guthix' chamber complex, though apparently Guthix, using the Stone of Jas, moulded many of the blade's fragments to create portals leading into Gielinor."
Although there's no citation for that so I am sceptical.
It also seems that The Blade was broken when Guthix was still out roaming and exploring, however upon finding Gilenor Guthix mostly stopped doing that.
So, I'm not really sure about that, probably something to ask the Mods about.

It'd take a lot of mental gymnastics to figure out a way the blade could have been broken before he reached Gielinor. Remember, piercing the void and breaking the blade was what gave the pests the opportunity to reach our plane.

As for Guthix using fragments to create the world gates, that's from the World Gate echo from the Guthixian memorial.
I have noticed your kind does tend to blindly stumble forward towards danger simply because it exists. What is your word for that?
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