Zaros afterlife: dark truth?

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A friend and I were discussing this; One of the ideas we came up with was the "empty" theory on Page 1.

Another that I came up with was that perhaps the only true "Zarosians" are characters who are still alive or get no afterlife (Mahjarrat, etc.) and that *no one in the days of the Empire was a real Zarosian*. They were either compelled by his loyalty aura (something Zaros himself may not realize), or were subjected to the Empire against their will. The only hole I see in this idea is the desert bandits - Aren't they Zarosian, even all these centuries later? Or... are they?

While I hadn't thought of Sir Eos Lee's barrow wight idea, I think it makes a disturbing amount of sense as well. Regarding the soul/corpse debate, remember the Book of Sliske in the Book of the Gods. Icthlarin demanded to take Sliske's wights to the afterlife, and when he refused Icthlarin took hundreds of them with a single wave of his hand.
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