Kitten from Pieces of Hate

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So I just recently jumped back into Runescape after a long hiatus of sorts, and naturally as a quester my first action was to complete the biggest baddest new quest in my journal: Pieces of Hate. First off, can I just say I thought this was supposed to be a finale to the Pirate's quest line, but it has undoubtedly opened the pathway to a much more grand and cosmic story with this Xau Tak character that is so obscure I don't think I really even noticed him throughout the quests I've done.

In any case that's another story and I've seen plenty of lore on Xau Tak to keep me busy for a long time. What I want to know about is this freaking cosmic kitten that was present the whole quest and was sort of useful in hinting at what my next step was. One of the last pieces of dialogue you have with him before the big boss fight is you saying something along the lines of "You're not really a kitten are you?" to which the feline responds with "No, but you're not a human either," whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!?!?!?! I mean I know the player character is something a little special, but this quest takes place before the death of Guthix which means you're not anointed as the World Guardian yet.

Does anyone have any answers to why the cat claims you're not human and if there's already a post with the answers can you post the link here? I need answeres ASAP

27-Dec-2018 21:26:29

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