Zaros will become an elder god

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Hguoh said:
Vardan said:
They're talking about his death though, so it sounds more like he's going to die trying.

It really depends on how one defines life and death.

It could be that Zaros succeeds, gains a new form, and his old body dies (like how Sliske 'died' but lives on in our mind).

It could be that Zaros succeeds, but he's only a part of the resulting elder god (like how Eluned 'died' if you used her to make Seren).

He could succeed and then die.

He could die in the process.

He could physically die, but abandon his body like the last time he 'died.' (Heck, the line could be referring back to the first time Zaros died, with the intense flame referring to Zamorak's determination and the lifting sadness being Zammy realizing he actually did it)

It could be that elder gods simply aren't considered 'alive' by Harold's death sense.

Prophecies are always about the technicalities.

No it was very clearly talking about the future.

Death: I feel a burning as hot as a star, and then a giant blackness. I feel a prolonged sadness that has come to an end.

This could mean he succeeds but the part about a giant blackness and that it's DEATH saying this makes it clear he dies in the attempt.
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