Why are we so naive?

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AáMadáHatter said:
Those are all good points, but another factor could also just be age and maturity. We don't really know how old our character is, but if we take the idea of the entire 5th age questlines happening in the span of a single year before Guthix died it's not too far of a stretch to say that a character who's still in their late teens to mid twenties (give or take) might not fully comprehend what's going on since everything's happening relatively fast.

I mean my WG is 17/18 so yes!
tho 5th age happened in span of 3-4 years in "my story", tho.
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You have Moia and the other Mahjarrat who had to spend millennia of suffering and struggle to claw to the meager positions they hold. The top generals are also some of the oldest members of their people and reached their station by not only surviving an endless war that even some Gods were supposedly lost in, but also distinguishing themselves from the pack of millions.

When you go adventuring for...a year...and come out of it like Saitama, destroying divine threats, handling people like Sliske who the Gods were too scared to do anything about, become untouchable to divine power, survive an Elder God's attack, and have all the deities rushing to you for help, it's easy to get lost in your role and assume you're some invincible immortal who reaches beyond divine status. Being young and immature doesn't help either.
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I mean if you want the REAL answer:
Because quests wouldn't work if we had a brain, because no bad guy could ever get away with anything.
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ZAmorakZaros said:
The title that comes with quest cape should be "The naive"

This should be a thing.

I've always seen it as the character doing their best to get as much information as possible from the people they interact with--if the player character always said things like "I know" or "yeah, I was there, I've done that" and maybe even "duh, everyone knows this," the people talking to the character wouldn't feel as keen to give out information, in fact such behavior could be off-putting or even viewed as arrogant.

In my opinion, it's the character's method of seeming interested, and hoping to find out an extra detail or two that they actually didn't know. You can't know everything now, can you? ;)
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It is not unimportant to note how the player character- on a fairly early point in their career- had a hallucinogenic trip-like experience during the Lunar Diplomacy quest, which might have given insight in dealing with tricky situations, like subsequent quests and events.

Below is a part of the transcript of that quest, which could have use in your inquiry.

The Six Core Lessons

Ethereal Man: That's it! You've learnt the 6 core lessons: Make sense of others to understand yourself, you must be able to relate to others, you must use your abilities to progress, you must be aware of your past and present to help you in the future, you must harness your confidence, and you must appreciate the unknown.

This may sound like plain common sense most could come up with, though there's more to it than that. If you read the further into the transcript, you will gain insight into some of the life lessons that were basically implanted in our brains through visions within dreams, and provides you a positive mental framework similar to consulting a psychologist.

Here are just some specific examples of "coping mechanisms" the PC has learned:

Ethereal Man: Have you learnt anything?
Player: I had the more difficult path to travel, but I was faster and wanted it more ľ I hurried through it while he just walked. That shows a few things, not all paths are easy to take, but if you want to succeed, and are willing to put in the effort you can come out successful.
Ethereal Man: Very, very good!

Player: You have to appreciate that there is always a certain level of the unknown in life, but there is always an answer, you just have to play the game.

While being naive might look like a simple explanation, we should also look at the incredible amount of discipline, power, friends and self-reflection, and even acceptance of the unknown which the PC has acquired and applied to facilitate their dealing with the world's mess in a controlled manner.
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Delta Slug i'm personally a fan of your coping method suggestion. While i'm not sure how good of an explanation that could be pre-world wakes but post becoming a competent adventurer I like to imagine the player character as desperate for any help/plan after Endgame. The rug is pulled out from under you in away. There are elder gods you have no idea how to stop, the gods keep posturing to start another god wars, your soul/psyche has got to have some serious damage after Sliske rips some of it out. Maybe the player character wouldn't ordinarily trust Kerapac but in desperation his plan may have seemed like a good idea. Especially compared to making some sort of garden with characters who won't work with or trust each other. looking for
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