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Zamorak has earned my respect, but it is still one of the gods I dislike the most. Yes, he was willing to give his power to all the Mahjarrat, and it is quite clear that everything he did in the end was to help them grow and improve themselves.

However, that doesn't take away from everything else he has done. The wilderness was created by him using the SoJ in what I see as a suicide attempt when he lost. This not only killed the few remaining troops he had left alive, but wiped out part of a continent and killed basically everything else living in the area.

He has also shown an inability to properly get his followers to follow his philosophy. Many of his followers see him as an evil god and act likewise. While this isn't entirely his fault with Saradomin's followers spreading many lies about what he actually stands for, he hasn't done anything significant since his return to try to change that.

Zaros on the other hand once has my support, but with every appearance he becomes more and more suspicious. I'm still willing to work with him but will take everything he says with a grain of salt, and if the option appears once the Elder gods are dealt with, I will kill him. If the option to kill him comes up in SE I may take it, depending on the situation.

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