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Hguoh said:
Anyone else notice how the Queen of Ashes powers were described? Rather than the focus on flame, she appears to have a more 'scouring light' power set.

This caught my eye as we only have had 2 gods exhibit similar characteristics. Namely, Seren and Tumeken. It is entirely possible that Queeny is of a brand new race and has nothing to do with characters we don't already know, but that's not as much fun.

Considering we were already introduced to Seren's family, let's pursue the Tumeken angle. For the most part, we know quite a bit about his family and most are set up to appear in the Desert quest line. Except for his species and his wife, that is.

And while it may be interesting to learn more about Tumeken's species, we already know Jagex wants to do more with Elidinis's character than just have her be Tumeken's wife. Knowing that, I postulate that the Queen of Ashes is none other than Elidinis.

Don't forget about Saradomin. Saradomin is also strongly associated with light, too, as seen in the holy "Book of Light" Tomlin keeps around, the examine text of the holy symbol, and the fact that one of his nickname is the Lord of Light. XD
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