Ritual for Mah (post CoM)

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After Children of Mah, Seren had new dialogue added saying the elves were going to make something like a funeral ritual for Mah. I would like to know if it is really going to happen or if jmods confirmed anything about it.

16-Apr-2017 19:23:15

Elf of Seren
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I haven't heard anything. I'm hopping on now to check dialogue...

Did anyone else get anything new?

Edit: It'll probably be either a mini-quest, a minor part of a future quest, or it'll happen on its own like the Lumbridge Crater.

Also, I'm looking forward to how Seren will work with Kharshai.

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Ser Yoran
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A mini event would be nice.
Also will she work with Kharshai, is that confirmed? I'm just waiting for Seren and Armadyl working together, Tharddiad part 2!
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20-Apr-2017 15:47:14

Ancient Drew
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I think Seren will just start trying to talk with Kharshai. Whether he listens to her or not after that incident, I can't really say.

As for the funeral rite for Mah, while I understand it being important for Seren as her daughter, it really would be best if she did this herself. Not saying it to be a prick, just saying that if the Mahjarrat died out there from lava, falling rocks and Muspah, the elves will just as likely if not more so. The only difference is that the elves aren't trying to sacrifice each other.

Also, I'm worried that the shapeshifters might start going insane and attack the aviansie. They did jump us in The Light Within after all. And Seren will have to keep jumping back and forth from Prifddinas to Tarddiad and back again to check on things, and may have to deal with possible resentment from the more lucid elves from the Cywir who stayed.

It's all a good idea from a moral point of view and will promote harmony (which is obviously a good thing), but it will need a lot of careful planning to pull it all off while keeping any and all repercussions to a minimum.
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