Children of Mah Predictions

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Several things I predict.

1)Zaros and Zamorak will walk away with 1 point each with a "victory" against Mah.

2)I doubt we'll see any mahjarrat die.

3)With Zaros and Zamorak being in the quest I'm expecting a large Saradomin lore bomb-shell and am expecting to write a Saradomin thread tomorrow. If Mod Wolf cried during the quest it's possible that those were tears of infinite saradominist sadness.

4)There won't be any god deaths, Zaros and Zamorak are the only 2 gods that are confirmed to be in quests in 2017.
"Your god's dead next time he's in a world event. "
-The Lore Community to our Saradominist Friends, Said During World Event 2, Proven During World Event 3.

21-Nov-2016 01:50:20

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