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My predictions~

-glaring ignorance of major Mahjarrat lore (I'm guessing we'll AT LEAST get something that contradicts Mahjarrat Memories, Enakhra's Lament, or Twice Burnt)
-some major lore mystery unceremoniously revealed in a bland piece of expositional dialogue five minutes into the quest
-dialogue that could easily be replaced with a set of TV Tropes madlibs
-clear, unambiguous markers (whether in dialogue or otherwise) for every single meaningful plot advancement, and an utter lack of subtext
-character relationships that can be easily described in one word
-an appearance from Guthix that goes nowhere
-IF a Mahjarrat dies - Kharshai
-IF a god dies - some Mahjarrat has a lolapostasy and gets instantly 'sploded
-Moia takes on a roomful of Mahjarrat all by herself
-A complete lack of surprise/fear/reaction at the existence of Muspah
-An actual prediction: Mahjarrat power is getting involuntarily sucked up by some Elder. Zaros gets Seren to help save 'em on Frenesake, since she invented rituals. She gets sad cos she has to drain power from berserk Mah to save Mahjarrat. Unknown Elder revealed on Gielinor.
-stale messageboard memes
-Sliske trollface
-a fun toy
-decent puzzles and combat encounters

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