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Because quite frankly I found it to be extremely confusing.

So, we found out who Sliske's master was: Jas.
From Sliske's explanations we know that the plan was to cause a terrible war for the Stone of Jas, a war that would cause so much devastation that it would prematurley awaken the Elder Gods so they could destroy creation.

Now from the perspective of Sliske's motivations, I'm not confused. Someone approached him wanting his help in destroying creation. Cool, fun for him.

But from Jas's perspective it's totally out of nowhere and confusing.
1. Why is Jas awake? Weren't all Elder Gods supposed to be sleeping within Gielinor?
2. How did she approach Sliske, when, why? The Elder Gods seem ignorant to the nuances of advanced intelligence and life, so I can't imagine that she identified everything that makes him perfect for a nihilistic goal.
3. That she's awake confuses me, but why does she prematurely want to re-awken the other Elder Gods who are still sleeping? Based on our conversation (if you could call it that) with Jas, the Elder Gods seem whole-heartedly mechanical in their thinking and perspectives. So, why does she want to prematurely engage a cycle of Great Revision/disrupt the end of the previous one?
4. And even if her plan was to prematurely wake up the Elder Gods...that's also confusing because they responded to her call at the end of the quest. So, are they awake? Are they not? Is the "Elder choir" something completely different??

None of it makes sense to me, her being the one behind this feels totally displaced and incomprehensible to me. Am I missing something?

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Best guess: She wishes the Gods energy to return to the Anima Mundi. I have seen the dark universe yawning, where the black planets roll without aim;
Where they roll in their horror unheeded, without knowledge or lustre or name.

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1) Why was Jas awake?
- it's possible she's not awake. or at least not fully. what we encountered was her active subconscious mind.
- the death of Guthix. Zam nuked Forinthy, nothing happened. Guthix goes to sleep for 10k years, messes with the anima, trying to create a barrier around the world and simultaneously keep the elders asleep.
he dies suddenly.
Guthix's death and disruption of the anima wasn't enough to rouse all of the Elder Gods, but it was enough to awaken Jas (even if slightly)

2) how was she able to contact Sliske?
Sliske DID have the Staff/Siphon. Sliske is a child of Mah AND not one of the Elders' attendants or a Dragonkin, so he would get noticed. Perhaps Mah linked to the Staff and contacted him.

You're right, the Elder Gods don't understand life.
It's possible that Sliske was the right mix of smart, insane, and desperate to spin his role as an agent of Jas to keep going and keep Jas just interested enough simply because Jas didn't realize she was being scammed. She might not have even had the concept of understanding such a thing, let alone care.
So her agent says "we must do X to further the plan", so Jas goes along with it, even if she doesn't necessarily see any logic or purpose behind it.

4) Are the others awake yet?
Even for us, and irl, there are varying stages to waking up.
There's also a diff between being 'awake' and being 'up'
You've created universes Nth times over, you've been asleep for who knows how long, you have little to no perception of time as is. What's a few days/months to you? It's not like the others are fully up and about gorging on Runescape's anima, so no need to get up right this second.

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I think they fundamentally altered the lore of the Elders and their role on the planet. Less a place that they lay or revert to eggs and more a place they rest and recharge. While their bodies are asleep their minds are awake watching everything.

I really wish they went with an Elder Scroll style multiverse set up rather then one singular large galaxy. Each planet being it's own individual pocket universe. Which would allow a better example of how such massively varied life can form.

But your right these create more questions then answered and they have a lot of answering to do. In many ways it is like the movie Promethean. It was suppose to answer the question were the Xenomorphs came from but ended creating far more questions then the movie answered.
I'm a big entropy fan.

All subtlety and nuance of a napalm enema

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2. Remember, Sliske says that he used the stone for knowledge instead of power. At runefest jagex hit on jas hating the dragonkin due to their lust for power, this is why Jas likely reached out to Sliske after he started using it, she saw what she wanted in the dragonkin in him. "Your god's dead next time he's in a world event. "
-The Lore Community to our Saradominist Friends, Said During World Event 2, Proven During World Event 3.

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CD_Paladin_C said:
2. Remember, Sliske says that he used the stone for knowledge instead of power. At runefest jagex hit on jas hating the dragonkin due to their lust for power, this is why Jas likely reached out to Sliske after he started using it, she saw what she wanted in the dragonkin in him.

No, Sliske only found the SoJ thanks to Jas. In KS, Sliske thanks Jas for showing him how to use the staff to find the SoJ and Sliske had no prior interaction with the stone before then. So Jas and Sliske began interacting before Sliske had any interaction with the stone.

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So what if Sliske was contacted by jas after he killed Guthix, or some other mayor event that got jas attention, and jas offered something similar to what she offered us? the chance to proof that all life deserves to live, and Sliske in his boredom, decided to do one last act for his own entertainment? cause a major war to give proof that all life doesn't deserve to live? one last act for his own entertainment.
Of course that's just a theory

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Anyway some quests so far have pointed to jas being awake, like when xenia attempted her plan to weaken the elders, which resulted in them awakening faster, or we dealing with the voice of mah, or we talking to the gods mouths.
Sliske most have done something major to get jas attention, maybe the death of guthix who had a barrier around the world and might have been slowing down the elders awakening? (just a guess)
I don't think that she prematurely wants to start the great revision, it could either that its long overdue, or its about time, anyway it seems we are being given the chance to prevent it by proving our worth.
Finally elders do not work in the same way as other beings, it could be that their bodies are sleeping but their consciousness is awake, or there are diff stages of awakening.
If there are diff stages of awakening then we most prove our worth before they reach the final stage.

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It's the hatching eggs that would destroy the universe when they wake up, not the current elders that laid them. Those lot are just powered down and waiting to die is my guess. Like we saw in the Freneskae Elder Halls - those broken eggs - is what we need to be afraid of happening on Gielinor.

Jas herself can be awake, half-asleep...whatever - as can the other three that are on Gielinor; it's these three that will have laid eggs, since Jas turned hers into the SoJ.

At least, that is my understanding of the situation, and the most straightforward explanation.

I see it as Jas wanting to decide if mortal life is dangerous enough to threaten their eggs and, if so, hatch them (perhaps prematurely) so that they don't get destroyed (seeing how she just witnessed the SoJ being destroyed, and could possibly know of Mah's demise too via Sliske or sense it), or instead be convinced and do something else that allows mortal life to continue.

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1. She's probably awake because of our meddling with the Dragonkin's bond with the SoJ and whatever we did at the end of Heart of Stone.
2. I don't really have a good guess on this one. Being unfamiliar with mortals, Jas is a terrible judge of character.
3. Mind you that Guthix had them sedated for a very long time. It's possible that the Elders are actually past due for the next revision instead of premature. They probably would have gone ahead with it if it weren't for curiosity giving us a fair chance to prove our worth.
4. I'm pretty sure they're awake now too.

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