Saradominists should be weary

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And this is the reason why the hash tag #Saradoministlivesdontmatter exists, Saradomin DOES NOT protect anyone but himself.

We've seen this countless times; the Naragi from Tuska, Gielinor from Tuska, Falador during the Black Knight Invasion, Lumbridge after BoL, White Knight being tortured during HW, Tutorial Island residence (Saradomin told me you'd get my book for me LOL!), hell you can go kill his white knights in front of him while he watches.

That faction won't care. Saradomin is spiteful, hatefilled man who only cares about himself. If we get him down on his last legs and he has the chance, I believe we'll see him attempt to take Gielinor down with him.
"Your god's dead next time he's in a world event. "
-The Lore Community to our Saradominist Friends, Said During World Event 2, Proven During World Event 3.

19-Feb-2017 03:58:07

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