Saradominists should be weary

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Padomenes said:
There isn't anything wrong with pursuing what is right, if I had to choose to sacrifice millions to save one(s) who mattered to me or a beloved pet even I would do it.

Why would you sacrifice whoever loved(+ has done alot for) you the most to save a group of people who could potentially do the opposite or not care for you in general?

Wow you must sleep very good at night knowing you might have killed millions of people. :P I don't see how you can look at yourself in the mirror knowing what you did was justified... Also, these aren't just random people. They are Saradomin's own followers. They probably do care for him, and they have all helped him in his mission to establish a world of order. I kinda agree with the OP on this one. This is control at it's finest. Saradomin is just tossing all his followers aside without at least having hear what they ALL say about this. Saying "persuing what is right" basically makes every god's action justifiable.

Also, how do we even know Adrastreia loves her father, like you may assume? He seems pretty strict. Locking her up and not letting barely anyone know of her existence and what not. She's not like any old private citizen. She is a child of a god and is going to have to be protected securely. It's like watching Tangled all over again. How do you know she didn't ran off and purposely or accidentally ended up at the Obsidian Tribunal?
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