OMITN: Spoilers on Jabari

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Mod Rowley said:
A character can only speak of what it knows, and what it knows may well be incorrect. Whichever character said this line could just be talking nonsense about something they know nothing about.

Well then, it's possible that Aristarchus' sources for the information could've been rather inaccurate. After all, it's been over eight millennia since the Mahjarrat came to Gielinor, and a lot of information has likely gotten distorted over the ages, so it's possible that the Menaphites came up with several deities that never existed, based on misinterpretation of available evidence.

For example, in Klenter's Pyramid, there are two snake/lizard/frog-headed statues, which cannot be attributed to any deity we know of. What the statue is supposed to represent is unclear, so it is possible that it represents one of the non-existent Menaphite deities. The Camel God might be one such example: if people ever thought they were real, it's because of a culmination of millennia of misinterpretations, false connections and fanciful stories. This could mean that while there are only eight true desert gods, there could be many more non-existent gods, similar to Birman and Hanalan.

This would allow a neat resolution where the Camel God is and is not canon: even if the Camel God is not a real deity or even a fictional deity worshipped in Menaphos, some people in the Desert might believe that there is a Camel God and actively worship them or incorporate them in folklore.

Besides, the Camel Warriors slowly manifested into the Spirit Realm after Akthanakos had Ugthanki tell stories about them, so with a sufficient powersource and enough believers, it might even be possible to create the Camel God in the Spirit Realm and have them summoned to Gielinor...

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