OMITN: Spoilers on Jabari

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Hazeel said:
Starting to feel like a repeat of the Sliske storyline. We have a trickster mage working for a powerful figure who rules from the shadows. Said figure wants to become a God, but in truth the trickster mage is working for a REAL Goddess who wants to destroy everything (but he is only loyal to himself).

...Now add the word "Elder" a couple of times.
Well for starters it's a weak assed mage who has to use illusion so we don;t just roll over them like a trucker convoy. He has planes, but the Pharaoh is the one who wants to become a god, which lines up with typical Egyptian ego on the divine. So far Jarai is a one trick pony who thought he what he had would make him invincible. now we have always known that Amascut wants to become far more powerful and is after the Kharad-ib to do so, which is a story that predates Sliske by a number of years.

Seriously though for the most part I couldn't tell which was which in the arena but rocktails and spam clicking ftw. Who knows, we might even get to fight a god , even if they barely deserve the name and is weak as watered down beer lol.
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