OMITN: Spoilers on Jabari

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I should know more than anyone, that Mod Rowely has always been keen to always remind all that there is no camel god, just as much as I am always keen to remind all of the glory of camels. And yet every time I read Mod Rowely saying "there is no camel god", I get thrown back to the days when Blizzard insisted "there is no cow level."

This quest has a number of references to camels, and I was laughing so hard when the player talks to Command A about them, but then there is Jabari...

He earlier states how unlike Osman, he was loyal to the "true lord of the desert." Only for us to latter hear from him that he only considers Amascut a means to an end. Combine this with the fact that he somehow has a camel staff when only Akthanakos's camels should have them, makes me wonder if Akthanakos does indeed have a secret plot in the making...
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09-Jun-2017 17:59:42

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