Where's lore for this boss?

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I always liked the idea that The Maul of Omens was created by the Zarosian empire. Vorago is latin for whirlpool, and latin (or infernal as it's known in-universe) was the main language of the empire... The Maul even has a little bit of purple on it.

So my main theory atm is that Vorago went on his little rampage at some point in the second age, but the Zarosian empire (or Zaros himself for all we know) created a weapon to defeat him.
The Chaos Elemental is around 12 000 years old according to Top Trumps, which would make him one of the oldest beings on Gielinor. It's possible that he's some sort of manifestation of Anima similar to the spirit guardians of Mazcab. He might have been corrupted by the wilderness explosion.

He could be related to the balance elemental somehow, though I personally doubt it.
As for the Araxytes I don't have any theories of my own. However, I believe another Lorumer theorised that the "acid" in The Araxyte Cave is actually a huge pool of ectoplasm that Necrovarius had discovered earlier and that the Araxytes were regular spiders that mutated from exposure to it.
I have noticed your kind does tend to blindly stumble forward towards danger simply because it exists. What is your word for that?
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