Is the Player a Wight?

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For Marcus

For Marcus

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Okay this may sound pretty crazy but I do have some logic for this theory.

The player is a wight of Sliske, in the similar sense of being a wight like Gregorovic, as whatever we kill we grow stronger and we have free reign on where we want to go and who we can talk to. Also, the majority of quests which we do were Sliske planning. This could explain why Sliske got very mad during KS as we done something that he had not anticipated that we done something which wasn't what he expected his wight to do. This may also explain why he didn't take us as a wight during ROTM and just teleported off after taking Akrisae without firing a second shot for us.

Okay I know it's not much but it is an interesting to think that we're a wight.

26-Aug-2016 12:18:53

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